October 17, 2017

Negotiating With Difficult People Video Program

Negotiating with Difficult People Video Program

Why are some people difficult? It could be anger, it could be fear or maybe they just do not know any better. What you do know is that they are blocking your ability to move forward with just about any and every issue that requires a negotiation. YOU are not going to let that continue. YOU know that you have a responsibility to your team and to yourself to help bring this person back to a more cooperative frame of mind.

Join Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP as she supports you with the human side of project management AND helps you negotiate with the challenging people, the ones who need a bit more work than our usual principled negotiations approach.

This is a perfect follow up to the How to Engage in Principled Negotiations coachinar®. But if you are already comfortable with principled negotiations or you already know that you are up against a difficult person, then you need  the  Negotiating with Difficult People coachinar®. This is a two part video program. You download the videos and watch the videos on your own time, at your own pace.

In negotiations difficult people put up barriers. Your job is to break through those barriers and get to a place of joint problem solving. After you watch this coachinar® you will know exactly how to overcome these five barriers:

  1. Your reaction – Ouch, it hurts doesn’t it? The first barrier on the list is Y-O-U. When someone does not cooperate with you, you have an emotional response.
  2. Their emotions – Of course BOTH parties have a role in this play. Perhaps the other party is coming from a place of fear or mistrust. To them it just could be a ‘dog-eat-dog’ world and they are going to be top dog.
  3. Their position – It does not occur to the other party that you can work together and find a solution. Their entire negotiation toolkit consists of them taking a hard stance and refusing to give in.
  4. Their dissatisfaction – They do not see the benefit in coming up with a solution that is beneficial to all parties. It is possible that they have a problem with any solution that comes across as having come from you. They do not care about the greater good, they care about saving face.
  5. Their power – If the other party perceives the negotiation as win-lose and they are coming from a place of power, they are going to do everything they can to win. They are more comfortable using power and less comfortable using cooperation.

Using Getting Past No by William Ury as her guide, Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP is going to show you the five steps YOU need to negotiate with that uncooperative, difficult, argumentative colleague or boss.

  1. Keep your equilibrium – don’t let a difficult person allow you to lose your balance. Look at the situation from a distance or as if you were an outsider. When someone is difficult you might have an adverse reaction to their behavior. Stop and take an objective look so that you can regain your balance.
  2. Disarm your difficult person – use sincerity to take away verbal or mental weaponry. To help them overcome their emotions, you want to listen to them and to acknowledge their perspective and their position.
  3. Craft a why or why not or what if scenario – something you can consider together. Now with emotions in check you can begin to work on the problem together. But your difficult person might still cling to their position. If you try to drag them away from their position or push your own agenda, they will cling even more tightly.
  4. Create a path that you can traverse together – a bridge to your agreement. Now you think to yourself, “Finally they are ready; I can convince them that my way is the right way”. STOP or you will lose them. It is not time to push anything. It is time to help find a way that makes it easier for them to see reaching an agreement as a victory, THEIR victory.
  5. Use the power of persuasion, not just power. Even with a victory in their sights, your other person(s) may not be ready to cooperate. Perhaps they still see this as a bit of a competition and they still want to win the game. It’s OK. Don’t threaten them with any type of negative consequence. Instead use your power to educate them.

Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP will walk you through these critical steps and provide you with real tips that you can put into use RIGHT AWAY!

And then, be ready to see that uncooperative, difficult and uncompromising colleague or boss in a new light. NOW you are partners who are collaborating together!

Sounds great you say! What will it cost me?

  • The cost of the ENTIRE program is ONLY $22.
  • You will download two separate one hour videos.
  • Earn 2 Professional Development Units (PDUs)



If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase,
elearning4PMs will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.


What is in it for you?

  • You will confidently approach negotiating with someone difficult.
  • You will learn how to turn a contentious situation into a successful collaboration.
  • You will no longer be held hostage by difficult personalities.
  • You will recognize the barriers that difficult people throw in your path and how to break right through those barriers.
  • If you are a Project Management Professional you can earn 2 PDUs (professional development units) for attending

Curious about all this? Take a look at this sample lesson for a preview:



You do not have to negotiate with any difficult people? That is wonderful.

That is all the more reason to watch this video NOW. It is easy to prepare for difficult people when they are NOT standing in front of you or delaying a current negotiation.


It is easier to think calmly and logically about how to negotiate with difficult people when you do not have the pressure of a tough negotiation with challenging personalities hanging over your head.

Too late? You are engaged in negotiations with some really tough personalities right now?

Buy this video program today  and get the support you need NOW.

Sounds great you say! What will it cost me?

  • The cost of the ENTIRE program is ONLY $22.
  • You will download two separate one hour videos.
  • Earn 2 Professional Development Units (PDUs)

If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase,
elearning4PMs will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.