October 17, 2017


Let’s Learn with Videos

You have heard or read the expression, ‘watch and learn’? That’s a pretty good expression. Here at eLearning4PMs we would like to take that expression and build on it, what do you think about this?

‘Watch and learn and do’

Of course you earn professional development units by watching and learning but you earn LIFE credits by using what you learn (that’s the doing part).



How to Deliver Difficult News 

It’s easy and fun to share good news, but how are you at delivering difficult news? Projects have ups and downs and that means that you might have to tell your sponsor that a key delivery date is going to be missed. You might have to tell your team that they will be working weekends for the next several weeks. That is life in the real world.

Do you have an approach that is working for you or do you just wait until the last minute and blurt out the news and hope for the best?

Every cloud has a silver lining and impressing others with your ability to deliver difficult news effectively and professionally might just be YOUR silver lining.

Earn 1 PDU and learn how to approach delivering difficult news with as little stress as possible!

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How to Engage in Principled Negotiations Video Program

Do you know how and when to negotiate? There is no way you can make it through your work week without negotiating. When you negotiate with principle, you negotiate with ease. This program will teach you the basics and you will take it from there. YOU will become a skilled negotiator.

Earn 2 PDUS and become the negotiator your team NEEDS you to be!

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Negotiating with Difficult People Video Program

Why are some people difficult? It could be anger, it could be fear or maybe they just do not know any better. What you do know is that they are blocking your ability to move forward with just about any and every issue that requires a negotiation. YOU are not going to let that continue. YOU know that you have a responsibility to your team and to yourself to help bring this person back to a more cooperative frame of mind.

Earn 2 PDUS and learn how to negotiate with difficult people!

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