October 17, 2017


Let’s Learn with eBooks

There’s nothing like a good read. And now with so many e-Reader options around you can take your favorite books with you without breaking your back. Did you know that when you read project management eBooks you can earn PDUS? That’s right, you can earn professional development units when you read and eLearning4PMs has some project management eBooks for you.


Project Inspiration: Quotes from the Human Side of Project Management

Margaret Meloni, our eLearning4PMs community leader has compiled 52 quotes and articles meant to inspire you, energize you and make you think. Use them to jumpstart your week or to inspire discussion with your team. The choice is yours.

Would you like this eBook as a pdf? We can do that! Click here or on the link below to get Project Inspiration in PDF format. Otherwise click on the image to the left for the kindle friendly version.






Emotional Intelligence: Stories from the Workplace by Margaret Meloni

Emotional Intelligence: Stories from the Workplace walks you through the components of emotional intelligence and uses stories based on real workplace situations to illustrate what is or is not emotionally intelligent.

As the book wraps up, you are given some steps for you to take to move forward with your own emotional intelligence.




Recovering from Damaging Situations

No one is perfect.

You’re human and part of being human means that one day you might do or say something in the workplace that damages your reputation. You don’t have to face this by yourself; I can help you. Did you miss a deadline? Drink WAY too much at the company party? Bad mouth the boss? Lose your temper in a meeting? Whatever happened, stop stressing and start moving forward NOW. Of course you are beyond ready to move forward aren’t you?

‘Recovering from Damaging Situations’ gives you the SIX steps you need so that YOU are back on track and that oops remains in the past – which is exactly where it belongs!



Managing Up

Why don’t you give yourself an edge?

I bet you see people around you who frankly are not as good at their jobs as you are at yours, but somehow they seem to be getting better assignments, have more comfortable relationships with your boss and other influencers and have more freedom in how they do their jobs.

I can tell you that there are at least SEVEN behaviors that they exhibit that you either do not exhibit or you do not exhibit consistently. Things like:

Managing Up’ teaches you all SEVEN required behaviors, why they are important and how you can adopt these behaviors.