October 17, 2017


Let’s Learn with Audios


Are you an auditory learner? Maybe you have a long commute and you learn while you drive (watching the road of course….) Perhaps you listen, learn and work out? Whatever your preference eLearning4PMs is happy to provide you with the opportunity to help you listen, learn and earn PDUS.



Delivering Difficult News

You live and work in the real world and that means that not all of your news is good news. You might have to tell your sponsor that a key delivery date is going to be missed. You might have to tell your team that they will be working weekends for the next several weeks. That is life in the real world. And that is when real professionals like yourself show their strength.

This is an opportunity to separate yourself from the pack and earn 1 PDU. See, every cloud has a silver lining and impressing others with your ability to deliver difficult news just might be your silver lining.

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Make a Decision!

Your team needs to see you make a decision. Failing to do so is hazardous to your career. A project manager makes decisions. Here are some approaches you can put into practice right away. Earn .75 PDUs and become a more confident and decisive leader today.

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Negotiating With Difficult People Audio Program

We all know them, the person who makes things challenging; the person who just will not cooperate with us. If you say ‘yes’; they are going to say ‘no’. There could be one person who consistently tries to block your every move (at least that is how it feels to YOU).  Earn 2 PDUs and the skills you need to turn that negotiation with a difficult person into a valuable problem solving collaboration between colleagues.

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