October 19, 2017


Welcome to eLearning4PMs; eLearning4PMs is the “E everything” site for you and the human side of project management.

You are not JUST a project manager, you are a leader. A BUSY leader. And YOU have come to the right place.
eLearning4PMs offers you excellent project leadership training that you can use right away. And you access that training when the time is right, FOR YOU.

How Does eLearning4PMs Benefit YOU?

  • eBooks – Reading project management eBooks you can earn PDUS, and with so many e-Reader options,  you can take your favorite eBooks with you without breaking your back.
  • Virtual Training – With our ‘Live but Virtual’ Training you are part of a virtual class. All you need is your laptop, desktop or tablet! You receive the benefits of classroom training in the comfort of your own home or office all while earning PDUs.
  • Videos – eLearning4PMs video classes builds on the expression, ‘watch and learn’. With eLearning4PMs video classes you ‘Watch and learn and do’. You will be inspired to go from watching to doing.



Please visit the Free But Priceless page. The Free But Priceless page gives you access to recordings of actual online project management training. You can score some excellent tips and techniques and free PDUs TODAY and as the name suggests… for FREE!


‘eLearn it Today, Excel at it Tomorrow!’